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Creams, tans, nudes, white... I'm obsessed with neutrals in general, but even more so for my decor in our apartment. I love the clean but cozy vibe that neutrals give off, so I wanted to be sure my Christmas decor followed that same color palette. It was much harder to find neutrals than I initially anticipated, so I decided to DIY some of my own! I am in love with how these DIY's turned out, so I wanted to share them with you. You can click the underlined titles to shop the items needed to make these DIY's!




Pretty self explanatory, but all I did was take the hot glue and wrap the yarn around the cone. I ended up having to do 2 layers so that you couldn't see the cone underneath. Work in small sections with the hot glue -- glue down a little, and then place the yarn on top. I tried to speed up the process by skipping places with glue, but that ended up being the reason I had to do 2 layers. Take your time!

This was after 2 layers. I could have done 3, but I decided to leave it like this! I then took the wooden beads and glued them around the bottom of the tree where the paper mache was still showing. They ended up being bigger than the base, but it still stands up using the beads as the base.

For this tree, I did the same glue and place method. I ended up measuring each section of the lace around the tree and cutting it to avoid the extra getting stuck in the glue. When I glued it on, I placed the fringe over top of the lace so in the end it looked more like an all fringe tree verses fringe and lace, however, you could always glue the fringe so it grazed the top of the lace so you could see your whole piece of fabric.

Here's how they ended up looking in my space!



- WOODEN BEADS (I cut the hoop shown above an used the beads, but the pack linked will work just as good!)


First up, you'll want to cut your paper towel roll into small pieces like shown above. about 0.5" thick will work unless you want it to be a little bigger.

Next, wrap your yarn around a notebook or a book about 25 times as shown in photo 1. After wrapping, remove the yarn as shown in photo 2. Cut the yarn on one side so you're left with long strips as shown in photo 3!

Now take a piece of your yarn and your paper towel piece, and make a simple knot around it. You're going to make an upside down "U" with the yarn, place it inside the paper towel piece, place the ends through and pull. You'll be left with a knot as shown in photo 3. You will do this the entire way around the paper towel piece until it is fully covered.

After wrapping it around entirely, you'll be left with something like this. Now, take the pieces of yarn and push them through the middle of your paper towel holder make it almost inside out. It will look like the photo below after you complete this step!

Next, you're going to want to stuff your hat tog give it that "plush" look. For this, you can use a cotton ball, stuffing, or I personally used tissue paper formed into a small ball. Just push it inside the base of the hat.

Take a piece of extra yarn and tie it around the strings and your insert. Make sure you knot it so it doesn't come undone!

Cut the pieces above the yarn shorter to give it that "pom pom" effect to top off your hat, and voila! Now all you need to do is string it through your twine along with your beads, and you've got an adorable winter garland!

If you make either of these DIY's please tag me so I can see! Enjoy!



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