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When Brendon and I moved out, all I was excited for was to decorate my living room, lol. I'm not entirely sure how to describe my style, but I love a clean, white look with lots of textured accents. I would say my style inspiration is Studio McGee (or maybe that's just because half of my decor comes from her line at Target). Living in an apartment, I've learned how to keep a clean, minimal look but still make the space cozy. I'm so excited to share our living room with you -- I hope you love it!

Here is our living room! You'll notice all of the variations of white - I feel this keeps it looking clean and unison, but not all stark white so it doesn't feel unlivable.

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This is our living room looking in from our bedroom door. This shows all of the textures I like to have in the space. I feel that the texture from the rug, the pillow, the poufs, and the baskets adds a lot of warmth of variation to the space. Biiiiiig texture gal, lol.

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1. Keep a clean, neutral color palette. This will keep the space looking clean and airy, which will add to the illusion that the room is larger than it appears. This is also beneficial during Holiday's because any decor you add in will match!

2. ADD TEXTURE! Don't be afraid to mix and match different textures in a small space. Adding at least 3 different textures anywhere your eyes land will make your space look like it is straight out of a magazine!

3. Layer things up! By this, I mean drape a blanket out of a basket. Set two baskets side by side. Drape beads out of baskets. Layer up pillows and blankets. Not only does this keep your space cozy, it also adds the texture I was talking about earlier!

4. Know when you should splurge and save! Obviously this is different for everyone, but for us, we were very picky on what we decided to splurge on. The white knit blanket I have and spent $20 on is giving the same effect as a knit blanket that costs $200. However, I feel like our side table, which was a bit more of a splurge, is more unique and adds a "luxe" and unique feel to the space, so that was worth the splurge for us!

5. Get timeless pieces. Again, this is different for everyone, but timeless decor is my go-to. I prefer to buy pieces that will be functional in the future in different spaces. This also helps save moolah!

6. ADD MIRRORS. While, yes, they're great for checking your outfit, they are also amazing for bouncing light around your space, which will make it appear larger than it actually is.

7. Try to add greenery! I personally don't have a green thumb, so I gravitate toward faux plants, but if you're good at keeping them alive, add them into your space! Greenery adds a sense of "life" to a room.

8. Try not to over decorate. This is hard for me because I LOVE shopping for new home decor. Try to keep what you have laying around (for example; what I have just laying on my TV stand) to a minimum. Just because you have the space to add it, doesn't mean you should.

9. Swap out your decor! Like I said, I love to shop for home decor so I tend to accumulate a lot of it. Try to store things away and swap them out rather than keeping it all out at once. This keeps your space fresh and new as well as making sure it doesn't get cluttered!

10. Find your style! Kind've self explanatory, but find a style that makes you happy! You want to come home to a space that you love, not just a space you think others will love. Make it you!

I love sharing my home decor with you, so I hope you love it as well! I am thinking of doing a "decorate with me for spring" post, so definitely let me know if you'd like to see that! Remember, you can shop everything you see here. If you don't see a link, shoot me a message or an email! See you soon, babe! xo


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