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Gift ideas for MOM

My mom is my favorite person to shop for because she is so much like me... so essentially just buying all the things I would love to get as well! I hope you are able to gain some inspiration for gifts for your mom from this! You can click the photos or underlined titles to shop!

Boujee? Yes... Worth it? Also, yes. Barefoot dreams makes the SOFTEST blankets ever and are totally worth the splurge IMO. If you're not wanting to spend this much but still want that cozy feel, barefoot dreams also makes BAREFOOT DREAMS SOCKS that are only $15 and made of that same amazing fabric!

Not only is this cookbook literally STUFFED with amazing recipes, it is also aesthetically pleasing! It looks great sitting out on your countertop with the fabric spine, but looks even cuter with this MAGNOLIA COOKBOOK STAND. These two gifted together would make an amazing gift for any momma!

Is your mom an entertainer? If so, this gift is perfect for her. This cheeseboard is beautiful (it can also double as decor!), and is so practical! If you want to bulk up the gift, pair the cheeseboard with these ANTHROPOLOGIE WINE GLASSES and these CHEESE BOARD KNIVES for an amazing, coordinated gift for mom!

TARTE MAKEUP KIT Let's face it, your mom has probably been using the same makeup palette for the past 5 years. This Tarte makeup kit would be an amazing gift to get your moms makeup kit upgraded! It comes with everything you need for a simple makeup look and comes with an amazing price tag!

I have never met anyone that hasn't loved the capri blue volcano scent -- it's a smell that almost anyone adores! Not only do they smell great, but they come in adorable bases that can be used after you burn through the candle. This candle paired with this ELECTRIC LIGHTER would be such a great gift!

GUCCI CARD HOLDER Wanting to spoil mom with something luxe but not completely break the bank? This Gucci card holder is the perfect option! The sleek black look is versatile for any style and is sure to be something your mom loves!

This blow dry brush is probably going to be the #1 gifted item this year! It gives a perfectly smooth blowout with little effort. This is a great gift for any mom and she will for sure love it!

SLIP SILK PILLOWCASE This pillowcase is a splurge, but I personally have one and think it is so worth it. Because it is made out of silk, it has tons of benefits for your sleep. It is better on both your hair and skin than a normal cotton pillow case. Once you get your mom one of these, she won't want to go back to a standard pillow case!

My mom has been wanting a roomba for a few years, so this is definitely in the running this year! This would take some ease off of my mom as it would do the vacuuming for her.. one thing extra to cross off of her list! This one is under $230 right now!

Last year I got this ember coffee mug for my mom and she loved it! My mom is notorious for making coffee, forgetting about it, and then it gets cold. With the ember, it connects to your phone to control the exact temperature that you would like your coffee. It keeps your coffee warm enough to drink for hours!

This Gucci bracelet is adorable! It is under $200, so I love the idea of giving a designer item that won't completely break the bank. Your mom will love the adorable heart - and I'm sure the fact that it's Gucci won't hurt!

I hope these give you some inspiration and ideas for things to buy your mom or any other woman in your life! Thank you so much for reading... Happy Holiday's!



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