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Fall Must Haves

Fall is my absolute favorite season for creating outfits. I love the layering, the color palette, the fabrics... it's all such a vibe. Regardless of what you're wearing, I always find that outfits are completed with the right accessories - especially during the fall. Below are some of my favorite accessories that I am loving this season! You can click the photos or underlined titles to shop!

First on the list is a flat brim hat -- basic, yes... necessary? also yes. Last year I got my favorite hat from Lack of Color on clearance at anthropologie. I can't make myself drop $150 on a hat at full price, so I have been on the hunt for a similar option. I found this amazing WIDE BRIM HAT that looks identical to my lack of color hat for only $39!

To go along with the hat, I have been seeing influencers put GUCCI sweatbands around the brim of their hats to get that designer feel. Though it looks super cute, I wasn't paying $300 for a sweatband. I found this dupe that looks e x a c t for only $25! This GUCCI DUPE SWEATBAND would make a perfect hat add on, or you could wear it on its own. Throw on a tennis skirt and a crewneck with it and you have an adorable, sporty fall look!

In the photo of me with pumpkins I am wearing a repurposed LV lock chain necklace from @thevintagevirgin on Instagram. It is one of my fav pieces and adds a luxe look to any outfit -- and it is right on trend with the thick gold chain trend. I linked a similar LV CHAIN LOCK NECKLACE here, but you can also direct message @thevintagevirgin on Instagram to order the exact one I am wearing!

What a weird time to be saying a mask is one of my fav accessories, but hey, it's 2020, lol. These NON MEDICAL FACE MASKS are my favorite that I have found. They are a cotton material, so they're extremely breathable and feel comfortable to wear for a long period of time. They come in a pack of 3 for $12.99 and come in a variety of color and pattern options! **Side note: when you wash these, hang dry them! Don't put them in the dryer or else they will shrink due to them being cotton!**

Hailey Bieber is always rocking thick gold hoops, and has made it a huge trend. I found the ones she was wearing, but opted to not spend $500 (lol). I found THIS 3 PACK for only $5! I love that it gives a range of size options so you can switch up your look!

When you have killer accessories, you can make a look go from drab to fab. Accessorizing brings an outfit together & makes you achieve all your pinterest dreams!



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