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I love designer stuff as much as the next girl, but obviously pieces are expensive and don't make sense financially a lot of the time. I mean.. who wants to spend $500 for a hat? Not me for sure! I have come up with a few fun ways to either repurpose designer items or make fully designer inspired pieces that won't break the bank! Please tag me or send me your recreations! Remember, you can click the underlined titles or photos to shop the supplies needed to recreate all of these designs!


I can't take any credit for this DIY -- I actually saw it first on TIKTOK and loved it so much I wanted to share with you! This DIY is great if you have designer dust bags laying around and not in use. I personally am repurposing a Gucci dust bag, so my only expense was the beanie itself. You can also choose to do an iron on decal (which is definitely the easier option). I linked some cute and affordable ones down below!


A CASHMERE BEANIE (In my opinion, cashmere looks a bit more "luxe" so it adds to the "designer" feel. This one is under $15 - I ordered the black!)

A BEGINNERS SEWING KIT (This one has everything and is $7! You won't need this if you're using an iron on... obviously you'll just need an iron!)

A DESIGNER PATCH (I am personally using an old designer dust bag which I will show you how to do, but here are a couple you can shop if you don't have a leftover dust bag!)


My first step for this was getting the Gucci logo tag off of the dust bag. I used the seam ripper that came in my sewing kit, but you can use scissors if you don't have one - just be sure to not rip the logo!

After I removed the logo tag, I laid it out and positioned it onto the beanie to ensure it would lay where I wanted it to. I recommend trying the beanie on first and marking where you want it to lay. You can determine if you want it folded up or to be more slouchy. I personally like my beanies folded, so I went with that as you can see here.

Your next step will be either sewing or ironing on your logo tag. If you chose to do this with an iron on, your job is definitely a little easier! I personally did a simple stitch on only the 4 corners versus stitching it the entire way around. If you aren't sure how to stitch, CLICK HERE for a great youtube video that will walk you through it much better than I can!

It's THAT easy! You've now repurposed one of your old dust bags that was just collecting dust in your closet into a cute, trendy, "designer" beanie!


Okay, this DIY isn't rocket science or revolutionary, BUT... I was shopping the other day at a local boutique and saw hand painted, designer inspired wine glasses. I thought they were adorable, so I naturally picked it up to check the price. I nearly fell over when I saw they were $50 each! I realized quickly that I could easily make them myself for way less. These ended up costing about $4 each and ended up being a fun, therapeutic craft!


STEMLESS WINE GLASSES (These have great reviews, but I personally found mine at Homegoods for $5.99 for 4 glasses, so you may want to check there!) REGULAR WINE GLASSES PAINT PENS (These are made for glass, so these are the ones I decided to order!)


Honestly, just take your paint pen and get to it! I've attached some inspo below of some cute designs I've seen in boutiques or online. The great part about making them yourself is that you can make them the color and brand that best fits your aesthetic! These would make an adorable gift for a friend's birthday paired with a bottle of wine! CHEERS!

Below are the glasses I saw in store!


Is this a DIY? Uh.. not really. But is this a great way to get a designer look for less? Heck yeah it is! For this literally all you need is a Gucci headband / sweatband and a hat. Yep, that's it! I know what you're probably thinking: "Aren't Gucci headbands over $200?" Yes, they are, but you already know I have a dupe for you, which is actually what I used here - and it was only $25! There was no way I was paying that much for a headband, so I found an amazing dupe that comes with a Gucci tag you could use for the beanie DIY as well!


GUCCI HEADBAND (here's a link to the authentic one in case you're interested in this one!) DUPE GUCCI HEADBAND (this is what I personally have and used for this DIY!)

A hat... literally any kind of flat brim hat you want. Below I linked some great options. Just click a title below to shop!

CHEAPER WHITE HAT OPTION (there are over 20 colors available)

STRAW HAT (this would be so cute for the beach!)


It's self explanatory, but literally all you'll do is put the headband over the top of the hat to create a cute, new band. The hat now looks luxe and designer, but can still be worn without the headband on it as well since there is no stitching or glue required. The headband didn't stretch out for me, so I am able to still use the headband like normal as well. It stays put and doesn't pop off, so I would say this is a total win!


I see these necklaces all over Instagram and totally fell in love -- so much so that we used to wholesale these for our online boutique to sell them to our customers! If I'm being honest, you can totally do this yourself and save a decent amount of money doing it that way. I found all the pieces necessary to make them so you don't have to!


OLD DESIGNER BUTTONS (listing a bunch so you can find one you love!)

PENDANT BAILS (this is how you'll make the button a charm)

NECKLACE CHAINS (everything comes in a pack, so you could either make them with friends or make them for gifts!)

B700 JEWELRY GLUE (You can probably use any kind of super glue!)



Okay, first things first! After you've gathered your supplies, you will first want to take your button of choice and cut the piece off of the back. The piece is what was used to formerly attach the button to a piece of apparel, but since we are using it as a charm, we won't need it anymore - so go ahead and snip it off! After you've cut off the backing, you'll want to take your pendant bail (you can use whatever shape you'd like and in whichever color best matches your charm). Take the B700 and apply glue to the front of the pendant bail and attach your button charm. Hold it for about a minute, pressing it to ensure it's secure. You will then just take your new charm, string it onto your necklace chain, and voila! You now have a repurposed designer button that is now an affordable and trendy necklace! This would make such a cute gift for a friend's birthday without breaking the bank!

I am so excited to share all of these designer inspired DIY's with you! If you've enjoyed them, feel free to leave a comment below or message me and let me know what you think! Be sure to send and tag me in photos if you try any of these out! I hope you enjoyed - see ya next time, babe!



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