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Christmas Gifts for DAD

It's no secret that dads are the WORST to shop for for the holiday's. They either "don't want anything" or if you're my dad, you only ask for a pack of socks every. single. year. While I always will get him his beloved $10 pack of socks, I always feel the need to find something more to gift him. I constantly google "dad gift ideas", but my dad isn't the type to want a personalized beer bottle... lol. I have rounded up 11 gift ideas that your dad will actually enjoy! Click the photos or underlined titles to shop!

I purchased this for my dad a couple years ago, and it has been one of his most used Christmas gifts! If your dad is anything like mine, then he is probably extremely picky about the material and fit of clothing. Tommy Bahama makes amazing quality, comfortable, and extremely soft pieces, so men LOVE it! The shirt comes in a ton of different teams -- a must buy if you have a gameday lovin' dad!

This is another one that I purchased for my dad years ago and he loves it! The spatulas are great for grilling & the opposite side doubles as a bottle opener. They come in almost any team, so you are bound to find one for your dad!

If your dad does a lot of traveling, whether it be for work or for leisure, the airfly would be an amazing Christmas gift! If your dad wears airpods or any other bluetooth headphone, the airfly allows you to plug it into the airplane headphone adapter, connect your bluetooth earphones, and listen to the movies or games on the back of airplane seating! This is an amazing option to prevent purchasing additional earphones with an adapter just to listen to movies!

To go along with the airfly, apple airpods are a great gift for a dad on the move! This is the newest generation that are designed to stay in your ears without adjusting them constantly. They are also designed to be noise cancelling, so they would be great for travel, the gym, or even taking a business call!

ADIDAS ULTRABOOSTS This is more than likely what my dad is getting this year, because I am so over looking at his shoes for 2010, lol. My dad complains about sneakers not being comfortable or wide enough, but ultraboosts solve both of those issues. Because they are a sock fit, they form to your foot to ensure maximum comfort. The soles are amazing and feel like you are walking on a cloud.. and hey, they're in style!

My dad loves to golf, so golf gear is always an easy go-to. While it would be expensive to purchase a new golf club set or a new golf bag, things like a glove, a towel, golf balls, tee's, or putting markers are all more affordable gifts that your dad will surely use and love!

BOSE NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES Because my dad is extremely picky, he cannot be bothered with airpods, or anything that is not over the ear for that matter. My dad got these for Christmas last year and loves them. They are definitley a splurge item, but they are a piece that will last for years and years because of the high quality. They are 100% noise cancelling, so they are great for travel.. or just ignoring the entire family, lol.

This may be basic, but a yeti is a great gift for dad... or anyone for that matter. Whether it be for around the house, a day at the lake, a round of golf... yeti's are great for any time! They keep your drink cold or hot for an extended period of time and is guaranteed to be a gift your dad will love!

IPHONE CHARGING CASE My dad is notorious for being a charger hog. Even if his phone is on 95%, you are guaranteed to find him next to the charger getting his phone to 100%. Another gift I will be purchasing for my dad this year is an Iphone charging case. I picked this one specifically because it does not require an additional charger to charge the case. When your phone is plugged into a regular charger, it will first charge your phone to 100% and then the case after. Not having to keep up with an extra charger is a win for me!

TEAM THEMED DESK CHAIR My dad works at a desk daily, so buying him a desk chair with his favorite team seems like an amazing gift to me! I know my dad personally wouldn't spend the money to upgrade his desk chair, so splurging for Christmas would be the best time to get it for him! This is another gift that is sure to get its use!

An Alexa is a great, inexpensive gift that dad will love! This paired with a smart outlet would be a great gift. "Hey Alexa, turn on my light"... how perfect would that be for a dad? I also love that you can play music, check the weather, make a grocery list... you can do anything with this! I linked one on sale for under $20!

Hopefully this list is somewhat helpful in finding the perfect gift for your dad this holiday season! Always remember, it is the thought that counts, so I am sure your dad will love any gift you give him. It doesn't matter if you spend $5 or $500... find something that you think your dad will love, and I am sure he will be extremely grateful. Happy Holiday's!



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