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Battle of the BLANKETS

Hi, my name is Alexis Johnson and I am addicted to blankets and I ain't afraid to admit it, LOL! Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably heard of barefoot dreams blankets aka the blankets of the Kardashian's. When the Kardashian's posted their love for these blankets, they quickly blew up and took over Instagram. Like the blanket snob I am, I remember seeing it and being like "yep, buying this now". Girl... I about fainted when I clicked the link and saw they were $180. For a blanket?... uh, not happening. I ended up snagging one from the Nordstrom sale, but was still not impressed that I had just paid over $100 for a blanket. I searched and searched for dupes, but nothing ever quite compared... UNTIL NOW! I have not only one, but TWO amazing dupes for the imfafous barefoot dreams blanket! I am so excited to share these with you in comparison to the real deal! Remember, you can directly shop from this post!



First, let's start with the real one. Is it amazing? Yes. Am I being dramatic about a blanket? Honestly, not really, lol. Once you have one, it's the only thing you'll want to use. The material is amazing and it's the best blanket to cuddle up with. BUT... when it came time to wash it, the entire feel of the blanket changed. I went to their website and washed it according to the directions, and I feel like it hasn't felt the same since. It's still comfortable and amazing, but it is nowhere near as soft as it was when I first purchased it - definitely something to note when you're looking at a blanket that costs almost $200. Also, be sure to read sizing before you buy. There are some that run in the $100 range, but are significantly smaller and will hardly cover a single person.

$112 with constant 50% off codes (LTK50 worked the other day, but just google "STYLED COLLECTION COUPON CODE")

This might sound crazy, but I actually prefer this blanket over the barefoot dreams one. This blanket is SO much softer (both before and after washing). It does feel almost identical to the barefoot dreams blanket - it just feels like it is a softer, better material. For the price, I would definitely recommend this one out of all 3, but again, they're all pretty much the same! This one is 50" x 70" for reference!


I searched ENDLESSLY looking for a barefoot dreams blanket on amazon but always turned up unsuccessful. The entire first pages of amazon when you search "barefoot dreams dupe" are actually owned by barefoot dreams, so it makes you think that no one makes dupes. With a little digging, I was able to find this one that is IDENTICAL to the real deal for a fraction of the price. The price of this one is more justifiable than all 3 and the material is still the same. The only difference (if I'm being picky), is that it is the SLIGHTEST bit thinner than the other 2, but it isn't even hardly enough of a difference to note.


If you're in the market to buy the barefoot dreams blanket, absolutely, go for it! You're getting an amazing quality blanket for sure. BUT, if you're looking to get the same blanket feel for less, these dupes are amazing options. Out of all 3, I personally prefer the sweet dreams blanket -- even if I were to find the authentic barefoot dreams blanket on sale. The amazon one is so great and so much more attainable. You can't go wrong with either 3! Shop any of these blankets below!! If you purchase any of them, share your thoughts with me!



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